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Starcruiser is a luxury fleet of tour / band / sleeper / night liner / crew buses featuring dedicated TV channels for GPS route guide as well as cameras with views of front and rear. Wifi internet and email is available across the UK and Europe.

All our drivers are trained to the highest degree and have years of experience driving members of the music industry around the UK and Europe. All have been trained in housekeeping and to be part of your crew should you need an extra pair of hands. Our '5 star traveling hotels' are equipped with the latest gadgets to keep you occupied where ever you may be. We're sure you will be comfortable in any of our sleeper buses.

Vehicle Maintenance

We pride ourselves on vehicle maintenance and reliability and our team of highly qualified mechanics constantly ensure all vehicles are fully road worthy.

Personal Security

Discrete Bodyguards at your request trained in all Defence techniques and personal protection, licensed and registered with the SIA. Experienced in the music, TV and Theatre industry.


Up to 3500kg capacity to move your back line.

We have 3 options to choose from:

a 6 foot high; BV106 - (3.00 L x 1.73 W 1.83 H)

and two 7 foot high;

BV106 - (3.00 L x 1.73 W 2.14 H) and a BV126 - (3.60 L x 1.73 W 1.83 H)

Vehicle Wraps

Here at Starcruiser we provide optional vehicle wrapping and styling to promote your tour, band or advertisement campaign.

Wrap designs can come in all shapes and sizes from small logo's to full on total bus wraps.

Drop us a line and get a quote!